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  • Victor Fenech (1967)

    Victor Fenech
    Poetry of high seriousness - L-Ghar tal-Enimmi

    Malta News, 7th October 1967

    Achille Mizzi is not, to the best of my knowledge, a prolific poet. Nor is he, or can be a very popular poet. But he is nonetheless a poet of the highest order - one who takes his calling seriously and who does not write unless genuinely moved. It has often been maintained that poets are, to some extent, parasitical creatures, in that they tend to develop themes and forms introduced by the great masters who are very few. Here again, I plead exception for the poet under review, for originality is indeed the keynote of Achille Mizzi’s poetry. Originality and high seriousness, without which no poetry survives in time. In Mizzi we find an almost complete break with tradition, not only in his themes, but also in his prosody. A symbolist by nature, he is ever striving to go beyond the surface and enter the world of the subconscious. To achieve this, he adopts a new kind of imagery and vocabulary never before used in Maltese literature…

    …In the work of Achille Mizzi we come across subjects of cosmic importance. The steadying influence of religion seems to permeate his work even when he is not actually mentioning it. Thematically, he is intrigued by the mastery of evolution and the progress of the human brain, thematically and stylistically, he looks up to the abstractionists and the metaphysical writers…