Born in Żabbar on the 19th February 1939. Son of Emanuel and Natalina nee Lia. Educated at De La Salle College, the Archiepiscopal Seminary and the University of Malta (1958).

Started his career as a teacher in government elementary schools (1958-1962). In 1963 he won the British Council prize for English. Joined the Customs Department in 1963 where he served until 1988. He then joined the Ministry of Education and Culture, where he was involved in the organisation of cultural activities, especially during the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of Independence in 1989. Formed part of Government delegations to ILO (Geneva), UNESCO (Paris) and the Council of Europe (Strasbourg). In 1992 he was appointed Assistant Head in the Ministry of Education and HR.

As Secretary to the Presidency he served under H.E. Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici (1994-1999) and under H.E. Prof. Guido de Marco (1999-2004) until his retirement from the service in February 2000. In 1995 he was nominated Commendatore of the Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana. Also in 1995, he was conferred with the Croce dell’Ordine al Merito Melitense by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Literary Career

Started writing poetry when eighteen years old. His literary talents were early recognised by Prof J. Aquilina, who included his poetry in Il-Muża Maltija (1964 edition). Since then, he has been represented in practically every anthology of Maltese poetry.

  • In the sixties he was one of the founding members of the Moviment Qawmien Letterarju (Movement for the Revival of Literature) which had brought about a renewal of the Maltese language and literature.
  • In 1968 he was accepted as a member of the Akkademja tal-Malti, in which he served as President from 1994 to 2000.
  • Very early in his career, he was acclaimed as one of the leading exponents of Maltese poetry. Through his efforts, he has contributed in bringing Maltese poetry into the mainstream of modern world literature and furthered the development of the Maltese language as a literary medium.
  • In 1988 he was selected by Government to represent Maltese authors in an international conference in Bled (Slovenia). In 1989, together with other representative authors, he was invited for a Week of Maltese literature in Berlin. He received an honourable mention in various foreign publications.
  • He was the winner of the 1994 Premju Letterarju for his anthology Poeziji – Achille Mizzi. He was for the second time the winner of the 1999 Premju Letterarju (Poetry Section) with the collection entitled Vetrati Milwiena. In 2008 he was again awarded the first prize for the collection entitled Eklissi Perpetwi (2007).
  • In 2001, the Żabbar Local Council bestowed on him Ġieħ Ħaż-Żabbar in recognition of his literary and civic merits.
  • On the occasion of Republic Day, 13th December 2011, Achille Mizzi was appointed Member of the Order of Merit by the State of Malta in recognition of his contribution to Maltese Literature.

In the image below author Bernard Micallef presents a copy of his book “Achille Mizzi – Critical Studies” to President Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici. 1996.

Besides literature, his other interests include art, philosophy, music, history and travel. Achille Mizzi is married to Yolanda Mifsud (1964) with whom he fathered three sons and one daughter, besides eight grandchildren.

Books Published

Over the past fifty years he published the following collections of poetry: L-Għar tal-Enimmi (1967) Published by the author. Mas-Sejħa tat-Tnabar (1971) Klabb, Kotba Maltin, Il-Kantiku tad-Demm (1980) A. C. Aquilina & Co, Taqtir is-Skiet (1987) Pubblikazzjoni Bugelli, Poeżiji Migbura; Achille Mizzi (1993) ISBN 1870579208, Mireva Publications; Vetrati Milwiena (1998) PEG Publications - ISBN 9990901015; Eklissi Perpetwi (2007) Midsea Publications - ISBN 993271505; The Essential Achille Mizzi (2009) Grafikalogika - ISBN 9789993207337. Achille Mizzi, il-Werriet u s-Suċċessur Den ta' Dun Karm (2017) Horizons - ISBN 9789995763480; Genesi (2017) Horizons - ISBN 9789995763985