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  • Paul Xuereb (1994)

    The Universe made Words
    Achille Mizzi - Poeżiji Miġbura

    The Sunday Times 2nd October 1994

    Mizzi’s greatest achievement has been to create a style in which the linguistic majesty of Dun Karm coexists with the prosodic and imagistic freedom dear to so many poets of our century. So his verse is an excellent vehicle for his explorations of subconscious feelings and thoughts or for the statement of his transcendental ideas, but he rarely falls into the sloppy or bathetic diction to which most of his contemporaries are prone …

    …A true poet of his age Mizzi is entranced by the scientific marvels of the late 20th century and unlike many others sees them as an illustration of divine omnipotence…

    …For Mizzi, poetic creation constitutes one of the two most precious elements of his life and the process itself fills him with wonder, especially in a number of pieces he first published in one of his finest collections Taqtir is-Skiet

    …Like Keats, Mizzi is enchanted by words, but like the great Englishman he rarely lets them run away with him. The wonders he perceives through the senses fill him with a passion for which he must find a counterpart in words. Sensuality evokes some of his most remarkable imagery…