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  • Dominic Cutajar (1978)

    Verse from six Maltese poets
    Limestone 84 - Dominic Cutajar

    Times of Malta 10th June 1978

    Achille Mizzi writes in a competently different key. In spite of his claim that “I celebrate the mind and sing its glory, his poetry strikes us more like a paean about the sweet delirium of life which weeps with the exultation of living.” A familiar current of dualism runs through all his lyrics - life and death, fertility and sterility, male and female, and most penetrating of all Bosch and Fra Angelico. He thus betrays some knowledge of the Chinese Taoist doctrine of Yin and Yang, the passive and the active elements with all their accompanying influence on the course of natural evolution and man’s own future. “There is a hidden motive force in creation: the hubbub of Life’s restlessness is pervasive” and above all his likeliest leitmotif: “All creatures sing the same song.” The foregoing excerpts are from his Song of Life, not necessarily his best lyric but most enlightening. As to his technique, he piles luxuriantly chromatic imagery, creating in the mind a glow which - true to his method - lingers aureately even after the flood of words has simply washed away.