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  • Xufftejn (Lips)

    Posted on March 29th, 2009 Admin No comments

    Sometimes, I imagine myself O Lord
    a pair of parched lips
    freed from the desert.
    I imagine myself a pair of lips
    swimming in the darkness like thirsty bats
    scenting an irrepressible fountain,
    a cascade of waters unlimited
    opening into the umbrella
    of a shower atomized into a thousand drops,
    where the moon revels in facetious innocence
    and the sweet putti with rotund bellies
    swim with their cheeks blown by surprise.
    How cruel is the thirst of the lips
    that seek
    the unattainable satiation ?

    I imagine myself, O Lord, a pair of lips
    that approach the water
    that opens up like a plume..
    a teasing plume that all of a sudden
    shrivels and disappears
    and leaves the soul recouping
    from a divine delirium.

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