Francis Ebejer – The New Poetry, Malta (1971)

His first book of collected poetry was called L-Għar tal-Enimmi’– the Cave of Enigmas. That cave has proved to be of an extension limited only by the poet’s imagination. In Mizzi reality and the sub-conscious are inter-convertible. This contrives to render his poetry a subtle mixture of certainty and doubt, present experience and almost unbearable nostalgia. Using vocabulary that strongly retains its Maltese connotation and feeling its internationalism, Mizzi conjures ideas that stride one after the other, with the power and intensity of the lonely seeker. He comments as he seeks and when he finds, he lets go for there are more things to discover. It is difficult to disentangle one’s mind from the impress of cavern-(womb) like existence. If he ever manages to reach the end of the cave, would the final enigma be found, or at best solved? On the other hand, does Mizzi really wish to reach that point? Life without enigmas is the poet’s death.